New One-piece Knitted Surface Increased Sneakers Increased 6CM

The insole is increased, and the insole is also increased. It is a kind of functional insole. It is designed to increase the visual effect of the user’s height. It is mainly used to enhance the image of the user’s height and certain long and short legs caused by diseases. Increased insole does not promote the body’s development to increase height and the role of treatment of disease.

New One-piece Knitted Surface Increased Sneakers Increased 6CM heightened insole, mainly adopting a three-dimensional slope design: the heel is relatively high, and the direction of the forefoot is gradually lower. When you wear it, the height of the heel and the ground is raised, which creates a visual effect that the user’s height becomes higher, and the image of the height is changed objectively. So what is the increase in the insole? Let’s know about the inner insole.

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Full pad does not guarantee that you will put in every pair of Elevator Sneakers, half pad is harmful to the arch, and three-quarter pad is comfortable. This insole keeps the body in balance, and the prominent arch design fits perfectly to the place where the sole needs to be lifted, and it is thick and not heavy, and the increase will not cause discomfort.

The combination insole is very flexible and can be adjusted for increased height. Of course, don’t increase too much, be careful. The air cushion’s breathable position is often in the center of the foot, which can effectively reduce the feeling of suffocation caused by the increased cushion. And there is a gas layer in the middle to reduce pain.

The internal insole can cause four kinds of pain. When the foot hurts, each sole has three fulcrums to support the weight, two forefoot and one heel. If the height is not suitable for the internal increase, the focus of the heel is Move, the weight of the whole body is mostly concentrated on the soles of the feet and the feet, which will cause pain in the soles of the feet and the soles of the feet.

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The knee pain is picked up by 1 cm, and the knee joint instinctively bends when walking or going up the stairs. Generally speaking, if the insole is over 5 cm, the knee will take up 3 times the weight of the insole, which is equivalent to a heavy lead on the knee. If you wear such an internal increase for a long time before the age of 15, it will cause knee lordosis, knees can not be straightened, leg deformation and other issues.

After the back pain is increased, the body will lean forward. In order to maintain balance, the psoas muscles can only be tightened all the time. After a long time, it will cause lumbar pain and lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, it is not suitable for internal wear and increase during the physiological period and exercise.

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Headache is one of the symptoms of Elevator Sneakers syndrome. If you change the internal height, the reaction force of the ground on the human body will still be re-applied. When you walk, the reaction force that should be absorbed by the sole of the foot will shake the brain, and the longer it will be worn. With increased shoes, the headache will be more obvious.

In the purchase of increased insoles to have a full understanding of the inner insole and the consideration of the inner area of the elevator shoes sneakers, can not be blindly purchased, if the inner insole is too large or too small, it is a kind of injury to the shoes, even to the feet, want to increase, The result is just the opposite. Customers who need to increase or want to experience it, it is recommended to buy the shoes in the factory; All of our shoes are comfortable and confident to win consumers’ love.