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China is the world’s largest producer of leather goods, and the second largest consumer of luxury goods, mainly leather goods. More and more world-class brand design masters frequently use Chinese elements in their products for season after season. This is the perfect time for China’s leather industry to get rid of the stigma of “crude”. Many Ultra-light Men’s Height Increasing Sneakers Increased Shoes 6.0 cm and luggage brands, including the inner shoe brand, are trying to enter the luxury market.

However, an embarrassing reality is impressive: at present, almost all fashion products with Chinese labels, including Elevator Sneakers brands, Chinese manufacturers are only responsible for simple processing. From OEM production to independent design and mining of high-value brands, from “Made in China” to “Creative by China”, there is still a gap between courage and strength.

Height Increasing Sneakers

Under the eagerness to upgrade and take off, we must pay attention to the old hidden concerns. OEMS have no way out, especially in recent years, with the cheaper enterprises and labor force in Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries, many manufacturers in the industry have faced huge pressures. It once built the world’s largest production of leather goods in China, and the first one was at risk of being eroded.

Under this circumstance, only by stopping the symbolization of the Chinese imprinting elements, and relying on their own creativity and innovative spirit, “Chinese fashion is made in China”, they can fight for birth and reborn.

Height Increasing Sneakers

People of insight point out that from now to the next few years, it is a brand new era in China’s role as a designer who is driven by OEMS. Guangzhou has always been China’s most creative city. It will once again take the national leather goods industry elite as the birthplace of Chinese leather fashion and create a dazzling step of innovation and luxury.

Among them, China’s first high-end shoe brand Guangzhou has made unremitting efforts and achieved certain results. The call of for high-end leather shoes is evidence. In fact, since the day of its establishment. As a founding enterprise of China’s domestically Height Increasing Sneakers, it not only has the patent for inventing shoes, but also owns four brands. From the “behind the scenes” to the front desk, creating a real Chinese brand in the future, soaring the vast space of the high-end industry, has always been the blood.

Height Increasing Sneakers

It dependently developed the “Golden Murray” brand, which is a high-end luxury shoe brand. In recent years, the development momentum is impressive. In 2013, the total marketing increased by 5 times compared with the same period of 2012. “Jin Murui” small test knife, declared that It has the ability to sprint to the world’s high luxury brands. It is believed that in the near future, It will enable the real “China-created” luxury goods to enter the world fashion T-stage show. It has increased the number of shoes in the ranks of Elevator Sneakers, not only excellence and focus on high success. It is also a confrontation between functional leather shoes for the general shoe market.